Roadside Prophets

by Crystal Thomas

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We recorded this EP and released it independently through Fish Records stores in Sydney. It was late 2003. We launched the EP at The Annandale Hotel with supports from Tiff McHugh, Brendan Gallagher and Matt Walker & The Necessary Few. We put them up in a Medina Apartment ... but didn't let them sleep. We tried to eat a big Breakfast at the Cafe downstairs the next morning .... we made up ditties about bacon.... until we actually had eggs and bacon on a plate in front of us... it was a fun night. We had 200 payers at The Annandale Hotel - not bad! We decided to move to Melbourne shortly after releasing this EP. The Roadside Prophets EP was a great sonic experiment .. but we ultimately found the missing pieces of the puzzle in Melbourne ... then came The Flowers Of Evil..

My Grandfather wrote the Lyrics to Silence - in fact it was a poem he had written when my Grandma Maria died. It was such a mind blowing piece description of someone overcome with loss and grief, alone in an empty house that once held that person's energy and presence, he is looking around at her things .. but they are just things and not Maria. I hope my musical interpretation has done it justice.

Alone at the Wreckers has a story. When I was about 19 years old I had a thing with constantly being on the move. I had a habit of getting a temp job, saving up for a month and then going to Melbourne, Byron Bay or anywhere but where I was for an adventure. I'm not sure what I was looking for or what I was running from, but what ever it was, the feeling would eventually follow me to whatever destination I found myself in.. I'd even feel doom and gloom on a perfect summer's day on Clarke's Beach in Byron Bay. This particular time, I really wanted to get to Melbourne, to see a show, to see a friend, to see someone I could have died for at that point in time. I met Marilyn, who was a friend of a friend and not someone I actually knew at all. She was also a bit lost and we got talking one night and decided to head on a road trip the next day to Melbourne. I remember asking if she had checked that the van's water level was OK? She just grunted at me ( I found out later that she did not know how to check if the water level was sufficient).

We hit the highway, full of V energy drinks and sugary treats. Marilyn got increasingly more and more agitated by everything and eventually lost it irrationally at a car that had pulled out in front of her on the highway .... then we smelled smoke.. and the van that at that point had hit 140km/hr & suddenly conked out. She pulled over and we realised that the van wasn't going anywhere! The Engine had basically melted.. old car .. no water .. over heated... Marilyn overheated .. she lost it. She took off up the highway .. walking. There was no 'footpath'. She was just brushing up against Semi-trailers threatening to leap out in front of one. She had personified her van, it was her baby, her one and only .. it was once, but was nothing but a heap of melted metal, an obstruction on a busy highway.

The way the wind slammed against the side of the Van where I was sitting in the passenger seat was frightening. She had pulled over but it wasn't by any means somewhere you were meant to stop. Marilyn returned at some point, psychotic and wild. At some point a little later the NRMA turned up and towed us and the Van to the nearest country town, where we stayed with a friend of Marilyn's that she had met at an S&M club some years back - that was interesting! Anyhow, that is what inspired Alone At The Wreckers.

I'll leave the other tracks up to your imagination.


released May 16, 2003

1. Silence
2. Alone At The Wreckers
3. X64
4. Shadow Side Of Desire
5. Calling For The Night

Roadside Prophets
Crystal Thomas - Vox, Electric gutiar, piano
Matt Green - Dobro, accoustic guitar, electric guitar, slide & Glockenspiel
Tim McCormack - Bass, percussion, feedback.

Additional musicians
Mike Richards - drums
Andrew Peacock - piano, hammond, backing vox
Brendan Gallagher - Piano, percussion

Recorded at Hirdy studio's Balmain
Engineered by by Peter Hird
Mixed by Brendan Gallagher at Karma County
Mastered by Tim Greig at Sonamax
Artwork by Peter Hird
Inner sleeve photography by Peter Giaprakos



all rights reserved


Crystal Thomas St Kilda, Australia

Who is Crystal Thomas?

Crystal has spent fifteen years in Melbourne's music scene, has written and recorded two EPs and released two studio albums.

She's collaborated with musicians including Bill Chambers, Conway Savage, Claire Moore, Matt Walker, Spencer P Jones, Mick Harvey, Tex Perkins and Don Walker.

A music project dawning takes her to new territory musically and geographically.
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